Cupric Feast in Musical Edirne

Cupric Feast in Musical Edirne
Edirne Tours

There is Feast with Music and Cupric in Edirne!

Night for work, day for sleep

I will enjoy my bed

Once the beans are gone to the oven

I will do a belly dance !

Tak ! tak !!

Tak ! tak !!

This time we are going to travel to Romanian lands, where you can find fried liver and raki on the table, and the most important thing is the best feast!

Belly dance and wrestling..

Attention the reeds will be sold!!

Yes, there is an entertainment…

And history, huge eternal compositions … One of them is  unique Selimiye … Magnificence shrinks and swallows you…

We will accomodate you in the place which is in UNESCO’s world heritage list where you can observe the magnificence  of the Selimiye Mosque, it is a stone mansion where the Conqueror Sultan Mehmet was born according to the myth.

It is difficult to explain the meaning of some things sometimes and that would apply to Tasodalar. It is not enough to explain what needs to be lived.  Tasodalar has  600-years history, the palace that once hosted the world’s Sultan Fatih Sultan Mehmet is a heritage of Atik Palace. Who knows what joy and sadness have been witnessed in these rooms. You will fall asleep while observing  beautiful view of the unprecedented Selimiye Mosque at night  and wake up while hearing beautiful morning azan (prayer).  Thus we accomodate you  in  the Tasodalar Hotel that has a memory of the history.

Our soul will be blown away into history and will be a witness  of the splendor and will surrender to universal entertainment …

Travel Program :

Day 1 :  

We will start towards Edirne at 7:30 in the morning. We will have our breakfast on the road at Menemen’s place. We will arrive around 11:00 in Edirne. Then we will have our lunch in Edirne Cafe after a trip to Shukru Pasha Quarters. After lunch we will visit  one of the largest rivers in the Balkans Maritsa River and Karaagach region.  Then we will visit Lausanne Monument that is a symbol of  the compensation to Turkey because of  the devastation of Greece in Western Thrakya according to Lausanne Treaty. This monument is located in the historical  station built by Abdulhamid II in Karaagach.

After visiting such important places like Bayezid Mosque and Complex  we will move to the Tower of Justice in Sarayichi and have a trip Kirkpinar Square.

The dinner will be accompanied by Romanian music.

Accommodations will be provided in authentic residences.

Day 2 :

After breakfast, we will visit Selimiye Mosque, the Old Mosque and the Manuscripts Museum after the breakfast. There are a lot of legends about the reason of building the biggest masterpiece of Mimar Sinan’s the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne. The most adequate rumors are: during that period there was no demand for a large mosque in Istanbul, Edirne was the centre of the Ottoman  sovereignty in  Rumelia and Selim’s love for the city since his adolescence.

The Old Mosque was given a start to be built in 1403 by Emir Süleyman Çelebi’s request, the period of Sultan Murad II governing when Haji Bayram Veli came to the  mosque and called the believers to pray, thus making it an important event. Because of the high esteem in which Haji Bayram Veli is held till today, imams refrain from using the preaching pulpit as a sign of respect.

After the visit to the Manuscripts Museum, we will finish our trip and come back to Istanbul.


  • All transfers
  • 1 night’s bed and breakfast accommodation
  • Professional guidance
  • 1 lunch
  • 1 dinner with unlimited local drinks ( including music)
  • Tea/coffee breaks
  • All entrance fees to the museums and historical sites
  • TURSAB Travel Insurance


  • Minibar in the hotel
  • All personal spending


Please contact us about tour details…


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